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Telescopic Gate

The "tele-Mech" Dual sliding gate system is an ideal solution for restricted areas. Single sliding gates require the entire driveway width + 3 to 400mm for them to open fully while a dual sliding, or telescopic gate, only requires a little over half, giving you a wider driveway opening. This standalone system can be mounted to steel, aluminium or timber style gates. These gates also travel twice as fast as normal gates which is great for getting on and off Carriage and channel system for cantilever sliding gates - perfect solution for uneven, gravel or high traffic areas - 3 sizes available - 0 to 3M at 450Kg 3 to 6M at 600Kg and 6 to 12M at 1200Kg


  • Manual operation in case of power failure
  • Highly compact dimensions and extremely silent operation
  • Motor protected by internal thermal switch