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High Speed Self Repairing Doors

A self-repairing high speed rolling door with the characteristics of the fast-roll category plus a whole series of special side guides made from self-lubricating PVC, fitted onto special oscillating supports that follow the movements of the curtain. The quick door is self-repairing after a possible accidental knock, the curtain releases itself from the side guides and in the next closing cycle it automatically returns to its guides, restoring operation. Care for detail, the extremely high quality of structural materials and automation, innovation in the coupling system of the curtain structure make Replay 3.0 a highly technologically advanced product.

Ideal uses / applications

  • Storage needs to be keep clean
  • Warehouse needs to keep from dust
  • Wet areas in food industry
  • Explosive areas
  • Conveyor systems
  • Energy saving cold store
  • Factory for Medical product
  • Factory for Food
  • Factory for Electrical parts
Door Type Features
Application High Speed Self Repairing Doors
Door Dimension Max Height 8000 mm                                      Max Width 5000 mm
Door Travel Opening Speed 0.80 m/s ~ 2.5 m/s          Closing Speed 0.80 m/s ~ 2.5 m/s
Wind Load Resistance EN 12424 CLASS 2 or CLASS 3
Extrusion Spring Steel
Curtain 0.8-1.2mm PVC high-density coated fabric imported from French
Door frame material Galvanized steel, aluminium alloy, stainless steel
Track and Box Cover 2.0mm thick galvanized steel fold surface
Door Curtain Blue, yellow, orange, grey, red and other colour as you need
Drive System Germany SEW motor/Equivalent 380V or 220V/50Hz  0.75kw,1.1kw,1.5kw
Control System PLC
Opening Way Double-side radar, double-side press button, infrared sensors
Transparent window Transparent PVE film imported
Emergency Opening Crank handle