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Dock Levellers

Dock Levellers are supplied in several versions, for the different building systems of the pits. The best system is the prefabrication that gives sure, rapid, economic results, avoiding mistakes.

The mechanical dock levelers is a fundamental equipment in the logistics. It effectively improves the efficiency of the loading/unloading process. *It can build a bridge between the platform and the lorry and their changing altitude distance makes them suitable for various lorries. *It's convenient to realize high-efficiency handling as the forklift can enter the lorry through simple operations. *The hydarulic unit uses products imported to ensure reliable products with a low maintenance rate; *The other optional accessories are as follows: Bumper,Single Light,Platform Bumper, LED Light, Wheel Support, Guide Rail. *Essential for loading and unloading, widely applied in various warehouses, plant platforms, fitting sectional doors and locking vehicles. *Fastlink hydraulic cylinder dock leveler standard configuration is 380V 3Phase AC power. A single key can operate the dock leveler, can link with the sectional doors and control the locking products.

Application /Uses:
  • Warehouse
  • Logistics
  • Loading Bay Houses
  • Manufacturing Industries
  • Packaging Industries
  • Transportation

Specifications/ Technical Data:

Hydraulic Dock Leveller and Pit Technical Data
Dimensions Platform Length L/(±2) 2000mm 2500mm 2210mm
Platform Width W/(±2) 2000mm 2000mm 1830mm or 2130mm
Platform Height H/(±2) 600mm 600mm 500mm
Required size of foundation pit Corresponding foundation pit length L1(±2) 2000mm 2500mm 2210mm
Corresponding foundation pit width W1(±2) 2050mm 2050mm 1880mm or 2180mm
Corresponding foundation pit width H1(±2) 615mm 615mm 515mm
Parameter information Upper working scope WB(limit) 725mm 750mm 745mm
Lower working scope W0(limit) 380mm 375mm 225mm
Clapper material:tear plate Basic thickness 14mm,double 5 degree bending
Surface Black advanced expoxy resin finish,long effect anti-corrosion protection
Power consumption ≤1.5Kw
Operating temperature -35℃~~+50℃