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Galvanized Rolling Shutters

We are a highly acclaimed name that is engrossed in the manufacturing and supplying of a massive range of GI Rolling Shutters. Capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions, these are widely considered among the customers we have. In addition to this, the entire range of high quality shutters offered by us is highly regarded for its long lasting life and easy installation.

Brief Description

Galvanize steel shutters are used to help prevent unauthorized access and vandalism to premises by adding an extra barrier between “outside” and whatever entrances they may be protecting. When open, the shutters provide an almost unobstructed aperture as the shutter and mechanism store above the doorway and out of the way. They can be supplied up to 10000 mm wide.

Ideal uses / applications

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Large apertures (openings in excess of 16sqm)
  • Industrial units

Key Facts

  • Can span distances of up to 10 Meters Wide
  • Can be powder coated or plastisol coated to any RAL Colour
  • Can be made from 18, 20, or 22swg as standard and any other gauge if requested
  • Wicket access doors can be incorporated into the shutter if needed

Specification/Technical Data


The curtain is constructed from galvanised continuously interlocked steel laths that are securely held in place by end locks. A number of thicknesses and profiles are available according to individual circumstances such as size, wind loading etc. Bottom rails are generally galvanised and roll-formed into a tee section.


  • GLRS78 - IMAGE
  • GLRS55 - IMAGE
  • GLRS120 - IMAGE


Vertical guides are formed from rolled steel or fabricated dependent on size and are supplied with appropriate angles for fixing to the structure.


Mild steel of appropriate thickness in relation to door thickness is prime painted and supplied with angles for fixing to the structure.


Our shaft/barrels are normally made from a seamless steel tube of adequate diameter to counteract deflection and hold in bearings or cups attached to the endplates.


Comes galvanised with non-galvanised parts prime painted as standard or two coat of zinc/red/yellow oxide. Customers can choose to have a powder coating of almost any colour as an additional extra.


Shutters over smaller openings are typically powered by a 240-volt single phase tubular/side motor whereas larger shutters are operated using a 400-volt 3 phase geared motor. Adjustable limit switches are incorporated to stop the shutter at the end of each travel. Standard controls include open/close/stop buttons for geared motors and rocker switches on single phase tubular motors.

Options/Variations Operation/Controls


(Not all options are available on all size shutters)
  • Key switch
  • Radio/remote Control
  • Rocker switch
  • Timer closing
  • Loop and Radar operation
  • Smart phone
  • Swipe Card activation


  • Spring and lock operation (for smaller shutters)
  • Gear operation for larger shutters

Lath Design

A number of lath designs are available from 55mm flat lath for smaller openings to 78mm curved and 120mm flat laths for exposed and industrial locations. The laths can be perforated or punched to allow ventilation and/or provide visibility into the premises whilst maintaining the required security.


Can be Polyester powder coated or plastisol coated in a range of standard RAL colours’ for an extra charge.


All of our security shutters guarantee a high level of security against vandalism and theft.


Galvanised steel hoods can be supplied to cover the coiled shutter and motor.

Operation Options

  • Manual spring and Lock operation (for smaller shutters)
  • Gear operation for (larger shutters)
  • Electric – Single phase (for lower use and smaller shutters)
  • Electric – Three phase (for large or heavily used shutters)
  • Please Note: our electrically operated shutters are available with wall mounted push buttons, key fobs and many other access devices

Finishing Options:

  • Galvanised finish (Standard for steel)
  • Aluminium finish (Standard for aluminium)
  • Plastisol finish
  • All RAL powder coat options